A concrete repair robot under the upper plate of bridge


A lot of bridges have built to across the river, lake, sea, and high-level road in metropolitan area. Most of recently builtde bridges are made by concrete, and those are not easy to repair because persons with equipments are hard to approach the designated area. That area is specially the bottom part of upper plate. This robot is designed to repair crack of concrete at that areas. Penetration of rainwater into the crack makes rust on reinforcing iron, and strength has weakened. Early repair of cracks can prevent big accident. With the help of a specially designed crane truck and manipulator, the robot mechanism moves from above bridge to designated area of bottom part of upper plate. Then the robot mechanism is tied up at the plate for the secure work of robot. Robot seals the crack first, and attaches injector to the hole for charging liquid resin into the crack. An efficient way of tied-up on the surface of bottom is introduced first. Then, remotely controlled robot mechanism, repairing procedure, and technologies are introduced later.


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