An Extremely Rare Origination of Mature Cystic Teratoma from the Adrenal Gland in an Adult Female


Primary teratomas arising from adrenal glands are exceedingly uncommon. They are more common in childhood and rarely occur in adults. We report an unusual case of a giant mature cystic teratoma (Dermoid cyst) arising from a right adrenal gland in 29 years old female. The patient complained of right flank pain for six months. A plain and enhanced computed tomography (CT) scan showed a huge tumor with a mixed density arising from the right adrenal gland. This tumor was composed of large fatty tissue, calcification and small soft tissue with the cystic component as well as a mild enhancement in a part of the tumor. The patient was successfully treated with complete resection of the adrenal mass by the thoracoabdominal approach. We should pay attention to it and close follow-up is indispensable on account of the incidence of malignant transformation which is upto 36%.


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